Psalm 17:6  “I call on you, O God, for you will answer me; give ear to me and hear my prayer.”

27 October 2016

We are actively looking for a ministry location to host activities with students, our weekly church gatherings, and in the future English classes as well. Please pray for the best building, location, and landlord near the university.

17 August 2016

God is at work in Lampang, and I’m excited to be part of it! Please pray for our friends who are interested in learning more about Jesus, and for wisdom as I share God’s story with them. We also need wisdom in ministry opportunities we have in the city.

9 January 2015

Please pray for our new course at TLC — we have many new students! Also, our staff is in transition as people are coming to and going from the field. We are looking for a long-term director to lead the English Center ministry at TLC. Thank you for praying for Take5 Thailand as we begin our first site in the city of Lampang later this year.

4 May 2014 

For our current course at TLC English Center, we welcomed a handful of new students! God is answering prayer already.  Please pray: for many young adults to be called to the ministry and study at the TAG Bible school; for wisdom for the TAG Executive Committee and district leaders as TAG works to reach the nation for Christ!

10 March 2014

Please pray: that many students will come to study at TLC over the next six months while school is out; for summer teams as they fundraise and prepare; for continued health and protection.

15 January 2014

Please pray for: volunteers at TLC for the next year; God’s direction for what we should do in 2014, at TLC and also in Phayao and Lampang; protection and health.

There has been political unrest in Thailand in the last several months.  Pray for a peaceful resolution, that several political parties will be able to talk and compromise, and that there will be no violence.  Also, pray for the election that was re-scheduled from February 2nd to May 4th and now postponed to later in May.  

20 September 2011

Pray for Amy and Erica who are raising funds in the States to come work at TLC.  We have students who are interested in Christ, please pray for them to have open hearts and come to Christ.

17 June 2010

Two major events coming up: QUEST on Sunday, June 20, and English Camp, July 9-10.  Pray that we will build relationships of trust with our students, and that many will open their hearts to God at QUEST.

18 April 2010

Please pray for teachers!!! Right now, we have a few teachers coming between now and August 1st, but we need teachers to come by the beginning of August.  It is difficult for me to be the only teacher, and I can only teach so many students at a time.  More teachers –> more students –> more opportunity to share Christ!  Pray that God will provide the right people… and pray how you can be part of the solution.  Check out this website and please recommend it to others who may be interested.

2 January 2010!

It’s a new year! Pray for TLC English Center as we continue to have classes and activities for the students.  This month we are launching our series for students who are interested in Christianity, called QUEST.  We will have games, discussion groups, and a message about what we believe.  Please pray that this event will be a success, and that our future QUEST events bring many Thai to know Jesus.

12 October 2009

Time for an update. 🙂  Please pray for the students who are studying English at TLC.  A few have shown interest in the church and in what we believe.  Also, pray for continued wisdom and strength as I study the Thai language.  Praise report – my visa finally went through and I am now officially “stamped in” for a year! No more border runs until next September!!!!

30 June 2009

Yesterday I was running but took a spill when a pickup cut a curve too sharply and I had to get out of the way.  I have many bruises and my left wrist is swollen and in a brace.  Please pray that it will heal quickly and that it’s not broken.

19 June 2009

I made it to Thailand, praise God!  Please pray for the 57 students currently studying at the TLC English Center.  Also, please pray for my living situation and that I can move into an apartment SOON.  God is doing great things here…

25 March 2009

Praise God, and thank you for your prayers.  My monthly budget is coming in, and I am planning to leave for Thailand the first week of June.

Please pray for

1) quick processing of my “resident alien” visa to live in Thailand

2) finding a house quickly upon arrival – I would like to live in a specific area near the church and university, and I’d like a house with a kitchen!

3) continued safety on the roads (thank you for your prayers in this area too – look what happened)

4) the upcoming District Council Leadership Summit – that I would make more contacts, and raise the remainder of my support.

Thank you so much for your continued prayer support!

24 February 2009

Praise report–I have now raised 51% of my monthly budget.  That leaves 49% to go by May, if I am to leave in June.  Please pray that those commitments will come in quickly.  Will you help to be a part of the solution?

Pray for response from churches as well.  I have met with nearly 100 pastors, and talked to almost 100 more on the phone.  I’ve had services at dozens of churches too.  And still, a total of ten churches are currently supporting me.  On one hand, I’m a little discouraged about that, but on the other hand there is such potential!  Surely the second half of commitments will come in faster than the first!  Pray that will be so.

02 JANUARY 2009!!!

Today is my “half birthday”, and it is my goal to move to Thailand before my real birthday in July.  But, right now I only have 28% of my monthly budget raised.  Please pray that it will go up quickly!  Also, please pray for my next two weeks of classes, that they will be beneficial and productive.

26 NOVEMBER 2009

PLEASE PRAY FOR THAILAND.  See my blog here.

Also, the day after Thanksgiving I am going to SoCal Youth Convention with 21 students from Ventura First Assembly. Pray for safe travels, open hearts, and changed lives for Jesus!

29 OCTOBER 2008

There are some things that I continually need prayer for.  One is safety on the roads as I drive and drive and drive… and drive.  Another is favor with people I meet, that they will be prompted to faithfully support what I am doing in Thailand.  Third, I need prayer for my heart because I miss Thailand so much.  I am able to talk with several of my Thai friends online, and that is such a blessing, but it’s not the same as being there.  Plus, I can’t wait to get there to start the English Center and do what God has called me to do in Chiang Mai.

Thank you so much for your prayer support.  How can I pray for you?

20 OCTOBER 2008

Today I head up to Pismo Beach for the SoCal Ministers’ Retreat.  Please pray that I will meet a lot of pastors, and especially the ones who want to support a young missionary going to Thailand.  And if you’re a pastor, please introduce me to your friends! 🙂  Pray also for safety as I travel, and for a productive time with everything I need to do.  Thank you for your prayers!


More faith, I need more faith! Don’t we all?  Please pray for favor with women’s ministry leaders as I head up to Pinecrest this weekend for women’s retreat. Then, I have a service on Sunday in Camarillo. Thank you for your continued prayers, even in what seems like small things that I ask for over and over.  Pray that I can build relationships this weekend and make some new friends!


Please pray for God’s blessing on churches in Southern California, that they will not have trouble with their finances as the economy changes; and, may the response of the believers be a spirit of generosity for furthering God’s work here and around the world.  My prayer is for a supernatural gift of faith, that we may join together in believing prayer, with expectancy to see God do great things – including getting my budget raised!


Happy September!  It’s back to the grind for many of you who are teaching or in school.  And it’s back to work for me too – ITINERATION!  There are many ways that you can pray:

– that I raise support quickly!

– that I find favor with pastors and churches, that they will want to support what God is doing in Thailand

– that I stay safe as I travel all over Southern California! (and maybe elsewhere?)

– that people I talk to would be encouraged and inspired to participate in God’s global mission!  God’s heart is that people all over the world would know Him and follow Jesus.  We as believers must pray and give to see that happen.

– that I share God’s heart for Thailand and for the university students I will be working with

Thank you for your prayer support – it is invaluable!  How can I pray for you?

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