Getting Things Done

Ever had one of those days where you seem to get everything done, and then some? You do things that have been on your to-do list for months, you buy (and put away!) things that you’ve been meaning to purchase for weeks, you make that recipe you’ve been meaning to try and it tastes great too. I had a day like that recently, and as I was driving home after my evening run, I started to feel proud of myself for getting so much done, with plans to knock out a few more projects and two loads of laundry after a shower and dinner.

But God reminded me that it is only by His grace that I could do any of what I did, let alone all of it. By His grace, I had a productive day with errands and tasks. By His grace He put a few people in my path as a surprise, cheering me up and growing our friendships. By His grace, only by His grace, did I make it through the day alive.

I also realized that I had been more intentionally prayerful about a meeting and about some friends who need Jesus’ intervention in their lives in various ways. God graciously showed me that even when (or, especially when) I focus on Him and give Him time, He orders my steps and my seconds to do what I need to do and more. Thank you, Lord, for Your marvelous grace.

And even when things go wrong, I can trust in His grace. As I settled in for those two evening projects, a power strip I bought (errand checked off!) switched off, and stopped working completely. No reason, no fumes or smoke (thankfully!), just a strip that worked for an hour and decided to stop. The other power cord that’s in the same outlet is working fine. So, back to the store I go for a return. Annoying, yes, inconvenient, yes. But I can thank God that He still has His hand on me, His grace is sufficient, and He will go before me and stay with me as I live life with Him front and center.